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Control panel For Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Technical Specification


Motor Control Centre

Starters Panel for Control of AC Motor up to higher range,Along with Overload & Short Circuit protection

AC Drive Control panel

AC Drive Control Panel for the Speed of AC variable motor.

Power Factor Correction Panel

Capacitor bank panel with power factor Correction relay, For automatic correction of power factor


  Servo Control Stabilizer For Three Phase AC Supply

1) Constant Voltage output
2) Output voltage +/- 1%


Fully Automatic Control Panel For Concrete Batching Plant

1) PLC based Control for Cement Concrete batching Mixer
2) Scanning and calibration of aggregate,Sand & Cement by load cell
3) Calibration of water by load cell
4) Calibration of admix by load cell
5) Printout Facility & Display on Computer








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