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  Control panel For Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
Technical Specification

1) Main Switch :
Main Switch of adequate capacity is provided with HRC Fuse in each phase.
2) Meters : Analog Voltmeter is provided to measure mains 3Phase AC Supply aalong with voltmeter selector
Switch. Analog ampere meter is provided to measure electrical load on each phase by Ampere selector Switch.
3) Indications : R-Y-B Phase ON indication is provided.
.........................CONTROL On indication is proovided.
.........................MOTOR ON indication is provided for each motor.
4) Short Circuit Protection : MCB is provided in each phase for AC motor & Fuse links in the armature CKT,
Field CKT of DC Motor.
5) Field Failure Relay Protection : Field failure protection card is being provided to avoid run away problem for each DC Motor.
6) Armature Supply : Dimmer State or Thyristorised controlled DC drive for each motor.
7) Emergency Stop : Stay put type emergency stop push button is provided.
8) % Speed Settings of DC Motor : Speed setting with feather touch push button is provided to set the speed of DC Motor.
9) Master Settings : Master Setting is provided to syncronize all the DC Motor.
10) Load Cell : Asphalt & Filter Speed Synchronized with weight of aggregate by load cell facility.
11) Computer Printer : Print out of total Aggregate,Bitumen,Filter & Temp of Dryer,Bitumen & Mixed Material, time & date batch wise is available in the system.
12) Burner Sequence Controller For Dryer Burner : Burner Sequence Controller Is Provided To operate the Dryer Burner in Auto mode & Flame is sensed by LDR. Manual mode operation facility is also provided.
13) Flow Rate : Digital Provided to diaplay instantaneous flow of following material
...................... Aggregate (Tones/HR)
...................... Bitumen (Kg/Min)
...................... Aggregate (Kg/Min)
14) Totaliser : Digital Counters are provided for aggregate Bitumen & Filler
15) Fabriction : Panel Fabrication Shall be of desk type . Body Will be favricated from 16 SWG MS Sheet and base plate from 14SWG MS Sheet. Panels will be powder coated. Panel enclosure is floor mounted, dust & vermin proof. Louvers are provided for natural ventilation. fan is also provided for cooling.

1) Panel specification will match with MOST specification.
2) Easy & Maintenance free operation.
3) manual & Auto Mode is provided.
4) Spares easily available.







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